Camping in thailand: Taksin Maharat

Camping in Thailand: Taksin Maharat

camping taksin-maharatTaksin Maharat is a little national parklet about 20-30 kms from Tak, which is a fantastic stage post if you are on a camping trip to northern Thailand or on to Umphang. Camping at Taksin Maharat is almost a tradition for us, as it is around 600 kms from Bangkok, just about the limit of a days drive across no man’s camping land. It is regularly voted as the best campsite in Thailand, and it certainly deserves this accolade. It is on the right hand side of the road frohappy-campers in thailandm Tak to Mae sot.

The facilities are what you would expect: basic but very clean and perfect for campers.  It is a big campsite, and probably does fill up at weekends with trippers from Bangkok and Phitsanulok. Being such a big campsite the chances are that you can get away from the crowd, and find a quiet corner, if that is what you want.

There are great views from here, and a verybig-tree-in-taksin-maharat worthwhile 90 minute walk (there and back) to a giant tree down in the valley. It is a bit of a hike back up, but if you have already set up the camp and gathered your firewood, there is only one thing to do: light the fire, grab a cold one and think about dinner. And ahh, reflect on the tough life of camping in Thailand!

The following website has as always, great information. Bouya Kasha!

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