Camping in north Thailand

Camping in north Thailand always seems to start at Taksin Maharat campsite, which is just at the limit of endurance when coming from Bangkok. On from there, there is a huge range of wonderful national parks and areas of beauty in the north of Thailand.

For a westerner from Bangkok, what makes the north extra special is the climate, which is a few degrees cooler in the north, especially in “Camping Season” from end nov to end feb. Not to say that that that is the only time for camping in Thailand. We have had wonderful trips in the rainy season, but camping in the rain can be a trial. Certainly, you will want to make sure that any little holes in the bottom of your tent have some ducktape on them: which reminds me to add ducktape to the camping equipment list.

The north is definitely the place to begin your camping adventures in Thailand. There are just so many wonderful¬†hills and mountains, and¬†great driving routes, that I often wish that I had the confidence to ride a big bike. From Doi Inthanon, Thailand’s highest peak, to Phu Chi Fah and Doi Angkhang, the north of Thailand really is a paradise for camping in Thailand.

Off course when pigs are feasting off Thailand’s natural treasures, as they have been for decades, who knows how much longer these natural treasures will survive. If you go camping in Thailand, you maybe will find a wonderful experience that may not be there for much longer.

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