Camping at Sirindthon dam, Ubon Ratchathani

Sirindhorn Dam is located just south of Pibul Songkrahm in Ubon Rachathani province. I include this place especially because because I once camped there as dusk was falling. We really needed a campsite, or back to town for a night in a guesthouse. My instinct told me to head to the nearest dam, and that instinct served us well. It was one of those unexpected jewels, when you are desperate one moment, and suddenly find a perfect spot all to yourself, with the sun setting over a lake, and heaven seems to smile on you. We were on the way to Pha Taem National Park, but somehow lost some time in Pibul  Mangsahan, most probably answering emails. Pha taem was out of the wild camping in Thailandquestion, so we looked for a closer solution, including a few resorts on the Moon River, but they all looked too smart and uncampable for our motley crowd. Taking note of these resorts as fall back positions, we headed into the falling dusk towards the dam. 12 kms out of town on the road south, there was a likely turnoff to the right. a drive along the deserted road, we could almost smell a great campsite!

And there it was, a dilapidated resort area on a beach, with not another soul, apart from a basic restaurant that was happy to feed the brother, sister, mother in law and cousins and only them. Beach, west facing as the sun set, dry driftwood nearby, cold beer and friendly faces at the restaurant, and even a shower with a friendly snake.

That is the beauty of camping in Thailand: fall back position was a decent resort at a reasonable price on a river, with clean beds and a hot shower, good Thai food guaranteed, and the only thing that could be better is a free campsite by a lake with a private restaurant. And that day we found it, as we have on many other occasions.

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