Camping in Thailand: Nakhon Phanom

I must say that Nakhon Phanom is one of the most attractive provincial cities in Thailand, unfortunately based on only one visit. It seems that there was someone with a brain planning the layout of the town rather than the usual “baht first” approach. It is a pity that whoever planned Nakhon Phanom did not have a go at Bangkok.

It is really worth stopping for a good Phu-lankha-camping-in-Thailandlunch overlooking the Maekhong, looking towards the karstic limestone hills in Laos near Tha Kaek to the east. After that, camping becomes a priority, and I would recommend driving another 100 or so km to Phu Langka National Park, along the main road north along the river. Turn off to your left about 5-6 kms north of Baan Paeng , and head for the only hill around. You go through a village, and eventually get to a campsite with a waterfall, clean facilities and lots of trees. The waterfall is popular for swimming in the wet season, but more of a murky swamp in the dry season, but the camping is quite good. It may be called Tad Kham waterfall forest park, although it seems a bit of a local place, which is always good.

Often, we do not chose campsites, they chose us.  If you need to camp at 4.30 pm, you need to camp at 4.30 pm, not 7.30 pm, so you just grab what looks like a hill or a waterfall, and hope for the best. This place was a bit like that but as so often, extremely pleasant.

There is little info on the web about this place

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