Camping in Thailand: Huai Huat national park

Huai Huat also known as Phu Pha Yon is an atractive, small national park in  in Sakon Nakhon, Nakhon Phanom and Mukdahan provinces. It is quite difficult to find. Even locals seem to be confused about its name. Having also got lost there, I cannot accurately describe how to get there, but I do remember that there is a very steep hill as you approach it. The only time I have been there was when a large party of school children were having a graduation party. The park officials could see disappointment written all over our faces when they informed us that it may not be the quietest of nights, but then offered us the alternative of a smaller campsite not far from the main campsite. camping at phu pha yonThis was in the area of a royal lodge/ sala about a kilometre from the main campsite (which looks quite nice) This was one of those occasions when disappointment turned into sheer joy. The alternative campsite has clean showers, and the most magnificent view over a dam, almost too serene to be true.


I do remember this campsite quite well. There was a beautiful sunset, followed by a bright full moon. After a long day of driving and a walk around some strange rock formations on the way, the natural beauty of the surroundings and a few glasses of wine, I fell asleep on the log in the picture, only to wake up when I fell off the log and cracked a rib.

Which reminds me that there is a lovely nature reserve on the road between Pha Taem and Phu Pha Yon. At certain times of the year it is full of beautiful flowers flowers-near-pha-taem(this was near christmas) It is located about 30-40 kms north of Pha Taem, and has a waterfall, obviously dry at christmas. Well worth a stop and a one hour walk, or maybe picnic a lunch stop. Maybe someone can identify it exactly…. Please post! Noteable because there are also some insect eating plants.

This, as usual is a very useful website for anyone interested in camping in Thailand. They always have up to date info, and phone numbers etc.

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