East and North East

Camping in the north east of Thailand

The north east of Thailand is the blade of Thailand’s axe. No, I am not losing the plot: most Thais say that the shape of Thailand is like an axe, and the north-east is the working end of the axe. Camping in Thailand’s North east is a great way to explore the country, and find a dimension that feels more like the “real thing” than any other region of Thailand.

It is a highly productive part of the country with huge ricefields and still some  forests, outlined by the great Mekhong river. Isan has a slightly separate culture from the rest of camping-in-isanThailand, be it music, food or language. The geography is marked by a plateau that rises about 20 kms north west of saraburi, and the Isan climate is a bit cooler in winter, and a bit drier in places. Most Bangkok condos are built with the sweat of labourers from Isan, and most food that is served in Bangkok is served by sons and daughters of Isan.

Camping in north east Thailand

The first national park that springs to mind in Isan is Khao Yai, which is a quick escape from Bangkok, and increasingly a destination for resort developers and weekend tourists from the big mango. However, the region is in a sense the real Thailand of tourist brochures, and well worth a camping trip. Please help us to flesh out the bare skeleton of this website by posting your favourite camping spots in north eastern and eastern Thailand.

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