Routes – camping in thailand

My basic idea of a camping trip is that it should not involve more than 5 hours of driving per day, include a lunch stop by a waterfall or with a scenic view, and end at a campsite at around four o’clock in the afternoon. This allows time to set up camp in daylight find firewood but is late enough for the sun to have lost its heat. In the cold season, the water in campsite showers can be pretty chilly, and I much prefer a shower when I can warm up afterwards with the last rays of the sun in a hammock with a cold beer.

On occasions, longer driving days up to 7 hours are inevitable, but really to be avoided if at all possible. They are usually at the beginning or end of a trip, on a long run across motorwayland into or out of Bangkok. Either way, there is always something to look forward to at the end of the day, be it getting home/ shower/ aircon and TV, or getting out of Bangkok’s smog.

We have split the trips into routes along natural communication routes, but off course it will take time for the content to be added and updated.

The only area that is a blank on the map is camping in the south of thailand. Though there are attractive national parks in the south, unfortunately, I have never been there, largely because they are all so far from bangkok. Maybe one day we will do some camping trips to the south of thailand.

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