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camping in Thailand - Bernhard FrefelI came to Thailand in 1991, with the idea of staying here for 3 years, with a vague idea of moving on to Australia at some point. I had spent a considerable part of my life in east africa. Safaris and camping were in my blood, and after university, I worked for Encounter Overland (now defunct!) leading overland expeditions in Africa and Asia. The time with Encounter overland was one long 3 year camping trip, and confirmed my love for outdoors, and a happy go luck attitude to travel. I love nothing more than packing a car with camping gear, food, beer, kids, maps, and taking the road as it comes. Thailand is not known for camping, but over the last 20 years I have found that Thailand is in fact an ideal place for camping. Great national parks with surprisingly good facilities, a wide diversity of flora and fauna, as well as a good road network make for easy and enjoyable camping trips for those willing to give it a try.

I have often been surprised how few people, even seasoned¬†old timers,¬†consider a camping trip as an alternative to a stay in a resort, of which there is no shortage in the land of smiles. It really is worth taking a few days off during the middle of the week, to discover Thailand’d hidden treasures.

Camping in Thailand is not something to which Thailand’s tourist promoters would lower their dignity; fortunately they are still more focussed on quantity rather than quality, which leaves the best places to people like you and me, who like a snail, carry their house with them!

So come and join us on our camping trips around the thai countryside before it is turned into hardwood floors and cold hard cash in singaporean banks!

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  1. Hi,
    Just joined your site and interested in touring Thailand. I live in Chonburi province and trying to plan a tour in my motorhome. Any ideas or suggestions?

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